Maf’J Alvarez

three-sisters-mafj-alvarez-transparency-MA-show-2015-webThree Sisters looks towards pre-colonial native American traditions in planting to reveal stories about women and technology. Inspired by the multi-coloured diversity of heritage Indian corn varieties as symbolising diversity, the piece invites visitors to stay for a while.

Maf’j Alvarez is an artist working with ecology, mind, cultural and gender diversity around open access to technology. Her work includes the interactive installation ‘Stroke’ that was shortlisted for funding by the Wellcome Trust’s SciArt initiative and subsequently shown at ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts), and ‘Softworld’, an interactive modular textile installation which encourages people to work together to create forms collaboratively, and was shown at The Lowry. Currently working on ‘Panopticon’ a board game commissioned by the Ministry of Education of Luxembourg to engage young people on data security issues.

twitter: @limbicfish