Katya Edridge

katya-edridge-1bianca-sunsmokeGoodbye World examines expressions of trauma and unravels associated feelings and physical by-products. this work is about human connection and how one man’s anxieties can soon become another’s. how do we cope when confronted with someone else’s pain? how can we make sense of things? and what is beyond our control? life can appear or disappear in an instant and we are none of us immune; it is a fine line between life & death, blooming and fading.

Katya Edridge is a creative working in photography, video, sound and design. this work could be described as video sculpture – layers of images and sound are gradually ‘sculpted’, creating a thoughtful, questioning audiovisual escape. interested in technology and nature her work explores relationships, experience and emotion. how do we negotiate a safe path through the treacherous but curiously magical life we are each given? extraordinary personal and professional experiences inform and motivate her work. katya has a background in music production and live sound, event production & TV production. artistic influences include tracey emin, bridget riley, bill viola and cindy sherman.

07956 442456