George Mavrikakis


George Mavrikakis is a visual/conceptual artist who is interested in human rights, gender diversity, identity and forms of safety.Inspired by the nature of virtuality working with photography, video projections, interaction, performance, mixed media and installations to create interactive artworks, video art, and collaborative projects.

Do you feel safe? This piece will make you question your relationship with safety and identity.

For as long as human beings have been able to express themselves through speech, there has been a need to free ourselves from dark thoughts, to share our fears and mistakes with a trusted one. But how safe are those feelings and pieces of information, our most private possessions? Are we ever sure of where information travels to, who has access to it?

The capital city of London has the most surveillance cameras in the world. There are believed to be 42000 in total. That means 1 camera per 14 citizens. 420001 is an installation meant to explore our comfort zones, safety, privacy of personal data and the need to confess our deepest fears and anxieties. Through being questioned on different topics the viewer is asked to think critically about transparency, safety and confession. What does one really know and what can we call our own.