Dionysios Mantis


Reality is not only about what you see. It exists behind every utopia!

The Universe, is an artificial space environment, where the participant will engage in a digitally enhanced portrait of an artistic universe. This project will raise questions about existence, individuality and the importance of being a human. The digitally created environment, as well as the soundscape, play the most important role in the imagination and the reactions of the participant. The mentioned reactions will be monitored through an Arduino pulse sensor, and will appear as an indicator in a smaller monitor or screen.

You are the Observer. You are the experiment.

Dionysios Mantis is a media designer and producer from Athens, Greece. His background draws attention in the field of media production, visual and sound design, as well as coding. He Graduated from the University of Sunderland in 2014, in Broadcast Media studies. Since then, he’s been involved in, and created radio documentaries and dramas, TV documentaries, websites, internet radio, visual creation and music composing as well as live sound for bands. His curiosity about in-depth design was created, while being involved in internet radio stations as a producer.

Musical Corners: http://musicalcorners.tumblr.com/

Sound Projects: https://soundcloud.com/dennis-mantis

Band: https://witheringskiesband.bandcamp.com

Game Website: https://www.crazymartian.co.uk

Email: diomantis@yahoo.gr